Champions of style

Pound for pound best dressed men.

As professional sportsmen we think of these fellas in shorts and leisure wear but thats not to say they don't know how dress when the occasion calls for it.  Here's a round up of our favourite dressers.


3: Cam Newton -  Carolina Panthers quarterback and lover of bow ties

Cam Newton (Sports illustrated) not one to blend in with the crowd

The NFL has seen a burst of stars sporting bow ties of late but Cam is a sure fan.
Why we love him?
You often hear that to be a great sports person you need more than skill, you need commitment; Cam does this on and off the field so when he goes for a look, there's no half measures!  You'll often see him in his favoured feather bow ties, uber bright socks or some LMFAO style trousers.  In summary, he doesn't really seem to take himself too seriously and we like that.
2. Thierry Henry - Goal scoring king and softly spoken commentator extraordinaire
Thierry Henry (GQ) suit and tie style
Week in week out we see Thierry and his crew giving on point commentary of the latest match.
Why we love him?
He's just French isn't he!  You can see that in his style.  Thierry doesn't shy away from trying other looks (which can't be easy when you have to suit up EVERY weekend!).  However, unlike Cam, Thierry is understated.  He maximises the subtle ways texture adds a uber luxe feel to your look and pairs pattern in unusual places but never so loud your eyes hurt...just enough.  
1. Conor McGregor - UFC champ-champ 
Connor McGregor (Mens health) Suit hero and outspoken Irishman
Conor Mcgregor is certainly a contradiction, love him or loath him, the man can dress!
Why we love him?
At a time when Mayweather and many others are dressing like kids Conor is sharp as a tac!  
Every suit looks comfortable and fitted to within a inch of his life.  We love the flamboyant pocket squares, bow ties and pinstripe suit.  Sometimes you just need a showman rather than an everyman and Conor delivers across the board.  What's more, he keeps it in the family.......
Connor McGregor (Ladbible) son in three piece suit.

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