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Summer 2017 Newsletter

In the summer time when the weather is fine.....

As you may come to realise, I love summer!  I could go on forever about why I love summer, one thing I really like is seeing everyone loosening up a bit about how they dress...and add a burst of colour! 


 I’ve certainly had my colour fill having just returned from a tropical themed wedding in Sardinia.  On a beautiful, roasting Saturday in June formalities were abandoned and most men styled this out by combining chinos with a contrasting or complementary blazer (more on the contrast/ complement combos later). 

We were overjoyed to see the page boys in our Romeo Bow Ties.  They looked amazing!  And even more impressively we had Reverend Ford (above) wearing our pink Terence Tweed Bow Tie.  In truth, he's not a reverend but did carry out the wedding ceremony (ala Joey from friends) and thus milked the title all weekend long!

A neat trick

Colour is a funny thing, not all love it but even the most conservative of folk can give it a go in bite size chunks via their tie, pocket square or socks.  Some people use an injection of colour or pattern to “peacock”;  the art of wearing something eye catching (be it beautiful or garish) as a conversation starter….. I’ve definitely seen a few people use bow ties to this effect.

For those of use who are not quite so outlandish, the colour wheel is a commonly used tool which tells you which colours go well together.  

 To use the colour wheel, find the primary colour of your outfit, be that your suit, shirt, jacket.  Then choose either a complementary, calming look by selecting the shades either side for your tie and pocket square.  Alternatively, you can create a contrasting, bolder look by using shades opposite to your your colour.  Equally, you can do whatever you like….. I’ve never liked rules anyway ;)


Upcoming Events


  • Tuesday 1st - Saturday 5th, Qatar Goodwood festival, Goodwood
  • Friday 25th August - Monday 28th August, Twinwood vintage festival, Bedford


A final note to say thank you to everyone who sent in their photos.  This offer has stopped now but you’re welcome to keep sharing. Here’s my contribution with my very own poster boy.


Until next time……
Michelle  x

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