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The return of the double breasted

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If you're in the UK right now its too hot to think about a T-shirt let alone a double breasted jacket but if you're looking ahead to cooler times or next years wedding take note....the double breasted is on a comeback.

A little history.....The double breasted suit likes to pop up in fashion around every 30 years and with its last revival in the 80's (think wolf of wall street) it seems like we're bang on cue.  First seen in the Gatsby art deco era; these suits were the height of fashion for the well to do as well as a favourite for celeb style mafia dons.  


Original double breasted suit, wide trousers and hat

On the runway.........Things have changed a little and If you're a die hard follower of fashion week you may have noticed the abundance of ripped young models in suits with nothing underneath. Now thats a strong look so good on your if you can pull it off.  Alternatively,  you can go a little more traditional with a shirt and tie.....which will probably be more appreciated around the office! 

          Double breasted suit trend nothing underneath GQ GQ                       Classic grey double breasted jacket, shirt and tie GQ GQ


Styles.......In terms of colour and prints there are plenty to choose from.  One of our customers chose a textured grey suit with our Ariah pink bow tie and matching pocket square. 

A bow tie with this style of suit is less common but look great so as with all fashions, play around and add a bit of yourself.  Other key trends are checked, velvet and pin stripe suits.  


     .Beautiful bride and groom in grey suit and bow tie   Grey suit and pink bow tie and matching pocket square wedding day suit   Grey suit and pink bow tie

Dickie bow's pink wool bow tie and pocket square wedding day

Worn best by.......Where do we start!  Back in the day Michael Cain owned the double breasted suit even when it has passed its "fashionable phase" and Steve McQueen is iconic in his.  More recently the kingsman have brought some fine flair to our screens and David Beckham (of course) shows us how to be a little lighter with this hefty suit.


              Steve Mcqueen double breasted suit shirt tie and pocket square .       David and Victoria Beckham Wimbledon suit tie and pocket square


Anything else.....You'll notice from a stint on pinterest that folks arent afraid of mixing and matching prints, textures and styles.  The easiest and most affordable way to do this is to buy one great suit and play around with your accessories.  Choosing a blue striped tie or a burgundy wool bow tie give you completely different looks.  Furthermore, go ala becks and have a couple of chinos on standby so you can really mix and match.

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