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Who Said Bow Ties Have to Be Formal?


We really only see bow ties worn at formal dinners or at weddings, but everyone seems to forget that these wonderful neck accessories can be worn informally as well!

If you’re a fashion guru, you’ll be able to sport a bow tie at any occasion or event. Whack on a pair of skinny jeans and a nice plain shirt, finish it all off with a tweed bowtie and you’ll look sharper than ever. With little effort, you’ll radiate confidence.

What are the advantages and practicalities of a Dickie Bow Tie?


- As a regular neck tie alternative, a bow tie will not obstruct you work.

- It won't trail in your food if you’re on a date or at any meal.

- You won't get whipped in the face on a windy day.

- Easy on easy off!


What type of Bow Tie should to wear?


Whenever someone is brave enough to wear a bowtie, they often think about which one to get. Tweed? Silk? Self tie or pre tied? We think the answer is obvious, Dickie Bow!

All of our bowties are pre tied with an easy clip-on mechanism. This saves you time fiddling about trying to get the bow right (trust us on this one, it's not easy tying a bow tie in a hurry!).

Not only are Dickie Bows easy to work with, but they all look great. Our range of bowties consists of different materials and styles. Whether you're going for a patterned, plain or vintage look, we’ve got a bow tie to suit anyone. 

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