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I'm getting married!!! Your easy read wedding to do list

Engagement annoucnement

Sooooo, that magical day has come and you and your dearly beloved have decided to tie the knot.  First and foremost, congratulations!   Its an exciting time and if you're anything like me you'll be keen as mustard to get planning.

Whether you're getting married in 3 years or 3 months, its all doable. At the simplest there are a couple of legal things you need to get married officially but beyond that, everything is wish list stuff.

You're engaged! Horah!

Firstly, enjoy! Revel in your moment, stare at your ring adoringly (not when driving!) and enjoy telling your family and friends.  Its a fun time so dont feel you need to rush past this.

Once you're ready to get planning you can work through our guide.  We'll start with the essentials and then move on to the stuff of your Pinterest fantasy wedding.  

  • Talk money.  Its not the funnest thing ever but is essential.  You and your partner need to decide what you think is a good number,  what you can afford and then have the same chat with any other wiling parties.  Dont assume money is coming from family as its a sure way to add stresses to your planning so just tackle the money situation head on.  A word of advice is that everyone values weddings differently - your parents may have had a £2000 wedding and your are hoping for a £20000 one. Different strokes for different folks.


  • Talk Style. Now you have your budget sorted its time to decide what sort of wedding you want. With the latest relaxation of outdoor wedding rules you really can get married how ever you like!  Some popular examples are:
  1. Rustic country wedding,
  2. Destination wedding abroad
  3. Family house wedding
  4. Church wedding
  5. Hotel wedding
  6. Eco wedding
  7. Festival wedding

The list could do on and on! I know people who have got married as a twosome in Vegas, others who have had grand houses,  restaurants, Yurts, you name it.  We hired an old boarding school!  You really can do what you like so its worth figuring out what you BOTH want early on.  All the better if you share the same vision but if not, marriage is all about compromise so you may as well learn it sooner rather than later!

Now for the tick list:

Phase 1

    1. Roughly plan your guest list.  This will shape your needs for a venue.
    2. Find a venue, book and pay deposits
    3. Set your date
    4. Book your registrar, cleric or celebretant
    5. Consider wedding insurance
    6. Consider a wedding planner.  Some hotels have this as standard.  If you're doing a DIY wedding you will need someone overseeing he big day while you are enjoying it.  Dont try and do both.
    7. Let people know dates: e-invites, save the dates, texts - whatever.  Some people are uber organised and will be booking holidays etc so don't leave it and be disappointed if they cant come

Phase 2

    1. Ask bridesmaids, ushers and other wedding party members
    2. Outfit shopping!! Yours and your partners to start with.  Wedding dresses can take a long time and/ or will likely need alterations and seamstresses can get busy so tackle early.  Plus, its fun!
    3. Book photographer, DJ and videographer (if required)
    4. Book caterer and bar
    5. Book Florist and cars (if required)
    6. Book cake
    7. Plan honeymoon
    8. Book any furniture and other hire products
    9. Book wedding night accommodation

Phase 3

    1. Plan Hen/ Stag nights
    2. Give Notice of marriage and/ or arrange your Banns to be read in church.  At least 28 days notice is required for Notice of your wedding which needs to happen at your local registry office.   For a church wedding Banns need to be read in church around 4 months before.
    3. Finalise guest list and send out invites
    4. Arrange Bridesmaids and Groomsmen outfits
    5. Plan and buy Bride and Groom accessories
    6. Organise rings
    7. Check guest list and do table plan.
    8. Write your vows

Thats it! Well, thats the core elements of your wedding day.  Take a look at our other blogs for lots of ideas on the special touches, money saving tips and other real weddings.

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